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Warning! V1 of the Pebble SDK is deprecated. Please use Pebble SDK v2.
Here is a list of all modules:
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oFoundationThe core of the Pebble SDK
|oAppApp entry point, event handlers and event loop
|oMedia UtilitiesUtilities to help using media resources
|oTimerTiming related things. For wall clock time, see Wall Time
|oWall TimeFunctions, data structures and other things related to wall clock time
|oMathMath routines
|oDictionaryData serialization utilities
|oAppMessageBi-directional communication between phone apps and watch apps
|oResourcesLoading resources
|oAppSyncUI Synchronization layer for AppMessage
|oLoggingFunctions related to logging from apps
|\App CommunicationAPI for interacting with the Pebble communication subsystem
oGraphicsLow level drawing routines
|oGraphics ContextThe graphics context is the "canvas" to draw into
|oDrawing PrimitivesFunctions to draw into a graphics context
|oGraphics TypesBasic graphics types (point, rect, size, color, bitmaps, etc.) and utility functions
|oDrawing PathsFunctions to draw polygons into a graphics context
|oDrawing TextFunctions to draw text into a graphics context
|\FontsCustom and system fonts
oUser InterfaceEverything related to user interface
|oLayersHierarchical layout system
||oActionBarLayerVertical, bar-shaped control widget on the right edge of the window
||oBitmapLayerLayer that displays a bitmap image
||oInverterLayerLayer that inverts anything "below it"
||oMenuLayerLayer that displays a standard list menu. Data is provided using callbacks
||oScrollLayerLayer that scrolls its contents, animated
||oSimpleMenuLayerWrapper around MenuLayer, that uses static data to display a list menu
||\TextLayerLayer that displays and formats a text string
|oAnimationAbstract framework to animate anything
||\PropertyAnimationConcrete animations to move a layer around over time
|oClicksDealing with button input
|oWindowThe basic building block of the user interface
||\NumberWindowA ready-made Window prompting the user to pick a number
|oVibesControlling the vibration motor
|oWindow StackThe default sequence-of-windows, drill-down navigation
|\LightBacklight control
\Standard CStandard C types, functions, constants, etc
 oMathStandard math functions
 oMemoryStandard memory functions
 oFormatStandard formatting
 oStringStandard C-string manipulation
 \TimeStandard time functions