Pebble SDK 2.0

Pebble SDK 2.0 is the current and most up to date environment to build applications for Pebble. It includes a C compiler, a JavaScript environment, iOS and Android libraries, Documentation and Examples.

Pebble SDK 2.0 was announced on Nov 6th 2013 and released on February 3rd 2014. You can still view the announcement presentation or take a look at the slides


There are five major documents shipped with this SDK:

  • Pebble Getting Started Guide covers installing the Pebble SDK, building and installing a first application. We recommend you start here if you are new to Pebble development.
  • Pebble Developer Guide is an extensive documentation to Pebble programming. Each chapter covers one aspect of watchapp and watchface development.
  • Pebble Design Guide describes Pebble’s user interface best practices and gives tips to design great looking and intuitive apps. It does not include any code and is intended for the designer, project manager and developers of Pebble apps.
  • Pebble API Reference documentation has been updated to reflect changes in Pebble 2.0.2. It is your reference for all the APIs available in 2.0.

    Another great reference for the Pebble APIs is the pebble.h file which you will find in ~/pebble-dev/PebbleSDK-2.0.2/Pebble/include/pebble.h.

  • Pebble 2.0 Migration Guide details all the changes that will impact applications written for Pebble 1.x. If you are migrating an existing application, you should review this carefully.

You should probably also take a look at the changelog.

Reporting problems and inconsistencies in the documentation

Please help us improve the documentation by reporting problems or missing elements in the doc to Thanks a lot!

Contacting us - Bug reports

The entire Pebble development team is focused on bringing you the best developer experience and of course we are here to help you.

Please use Pebble Developer forum to discuss this new release of the Pebble SDK. This is the preferred place to ask questions, report bugs and exchange with other developers.

If you have any questions, would like to share feedback, ask for more or just discuss Pebble development in general, please send an email to our developer evangelist team.

For partnerships and questions related to the launch of this new version of Pebble OS, you can reach out to