Bundling Javascript for Pebble Apps

alex | 22 Apr 2014 | Comments

**Updated Apr 23rd: “COMING SOON” bug is fixed.

We get a lot of questions about apps that use JavaScript and their availability in the store. We are improving the Pebble appstore documentation and the Developer Portal to address these questions, but until those changes are live, we thought we would summarize the key points in a blog post.

First, a little reminder: Pebble applications that use PebbleKit JavaScript need to have their JavaScript file bundled in the Pebble iOS application before iOS Pebblers can install those apps. Android users are not affected: all Pebble apps are always available right away to Android users.

When you submit a new app that uses JavaScript to the Pebble appstore, this app will not be available immediately to iOS users. Instead of the “ADD” button, they will see a “COMING SOON” button. Approximately once every 10 days, we grab the latest release of all published JavaScript apps and include them in a new release of our iOS app. This new release is then sent to Apple. When this new release is approved by Apple, iOS users will automatically upgrade to this version and will then have access to your app.

The same process is true for updates but if you have an older version of the app that is published and included in a previous iOS release, we will show this version to iOS users. Users will not see the “COMING SOON” button, but the newest version of your app will not be available until the new iOS app is published and users have updated their iOS apps. If you need expedite process for a JavaScript update, you can contact us.

Please note: We are aware of a bug that caused some apps to appear as “COMING SOON” although an older version was available. We have now fixed this bug.


API documentation now inside CloudPebble

katharine | 14 Apr 2014 | Comments

To help make your Pebble development experience even better, CloudPebble can now display the API documentation for any function directly in the editor view.

First up, a brief summary of each function now appears at the bottom of the autocomplete popup, explaining the purpose of that function. This could help you remember, for instance, whether you wanted to set a layer’s bounds or frame.

autocomplete summary view

For more detail on any API function, you can hold down the ‘alt’ key (or ‘option’ on Macs) and click the function’s name, which will show a popover including a description of the function, explanations of its parameters and return values, and any important considerations when using it:

property_animation_create_layer_frame popover

This popover can be dismissed by clicking elsewhere or hitting the Escape key.

In addition to alt-clicking, you can also produce this popover using a keyboard shortcut. If you are using a mac, that shortcut is cmd-ctrl-shift-/ (which is the same as cmd-ctrl-? on US/UK keyboards). Otherwise, use ctrl-alt-shift-/ (or ctrl-alt-?). A popover explaining the function your caret is inside will appear:

window_long_click_subscribe popover

Again, this can be dismissed using the Escape key or by clicking elsewhere.

We hope this makes creating apps for Pebble easier and more enjoyable. And if you have suggestions on how we can make your development experience better, let us know on GitHub!


Space Apps 2014

thomas | 12 Apr 2014 | Comments

Space Apps 2014 is taking place this weekend (April 12th/13th) and we are very happy to be a partner of this event. This year, the challenges include a Wearable category but we do not doubt that Pebble will find its way in a lot of the other challenges as well!

Pebble is sponsoring four locations this year and we hope to expand this even more in the future. Pebble loaner units are available in:


Easier app deployment from CloudPebble

katharine | 04 Apr 2014 | Comments

We now have an even easier way for you to deploy apps to your watches! No longer will you have to launch the app, turn on the development server, and type in your IP address. Instead, you now simply need to select your phone from a list:

CloudPebble phone list

Once you’ve selected your phone from the list, you can click any of the buttons below it as usual. If your phone’s screen is on and the Pebble app is displayed, you don’t need to do anything – it’s entirely automatic. If your phone is on but the Pebble app is not running, you will see a notification like this, which you can just tap to complete setup:

CloudPebble banner notice

If your phone’s screen is off, you will receive a notification like this on your lock screen; swipe it to the right to complete the setup process:

CloudPebble lock screen notice

Do keep in mind that you must first enable Pebble Developer Mode in the iOS Settings app; if you haven’t done this, CloudPebble will ask you to do so and try again. Don’t worry about turning on the development server, it’ll be switched on for you.

This feature requires that you have updated to iOS app 2.1.1. Unfortunately, it does not yet support Android. If we detect that you have no compatible devices we will automatically switch you to the manual IP entry view, where you can proceed as you have in the past:

Legacy IP entry

If you do have supported devices but want to install on some other device for any reason, you can also enter the IP manually by clicking the “Enter phone IP manually.” link under the dropdown.

We hope this makes it easier for you to get apps on to your watch!


Finalists Of The Pebble App Challenge

28 Mar 2014 | Comments

UPDATE: The next round of Pebble App Challenge voting—narrowing down our 16 finalists—has been postponed for now. We will update the voting schedule after a recent issue with the iOS Pebble app has been resolved.

The public has spoken! The Top16 finalists for the Pebble App Challenge have been selected!

Here is the list of apps that will compete next week in the Pebble appstore for the title of best app in the 2014 Pebble App Challenge!

Congratulations to our finalists! They will all receive a Pebble Steel.

We had a large number of entries in the Challenge and we would like to thank all of our developers who submitted apps. If you were not selected this time, rest assured that we will have more opportunities to showcase your apps. We hope the visibility brought by the Challenge helped you get more downloads!