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cherie | 20 Nov 2013 | Comments

We recently introduced our Pebble SDK 2.0 beta and we’re excited to now also announce a new way for you to earn a Pebble to develop your 2.0 apps on!

#ifihadpebble Challenge

Starting today (Wednesday, November 20th) and running until Christmas (December 25th), we’ll be selecting one developer a day to win a free Pebble (worldwide shipping), to help you build your #ifihadpebble app ideas. To enter, simply:
1. Follow the @pebbledev Twitter account (this is so we can DM you later for your details)
2. Tweet what app(s) you would build if you won a Pebble and include the #ifihadpebble hashtag
3. Get your friends to help spread the word
4. Check @pebbledev every morning to see if you won!

There are a few basic rules that you need to adhere to:
1. You can only enter once per day (12:00AM PST - 11:59PM PST)
2. Your idea must fit into a single tweet
3. Your idea must make use of a new SDK 2.0 feature
4. You must tweet from a Twitter account that has a reasonable amount of history/activity
5. All decisions by Pebble are final
6. If you try to game the system in any way, we will ban you for the remainder of the contest

Questions? Email us at with the subject line “#ifihadpebble Challenge”

Good luck and #makeawesomehappen

Cherie & Thomas

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